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Frequently Asked Questions about Domains

We give you our no-nonsense answers to some of the domain market's toughest questions and questions about our service.


How successful is our staff at capturing domains?  We will only contact you if we are already fairly sure that we will successfully capture a domain.  Our current success rate is 99%.


Why would a speculator be interested in my domain? Whether you agree or disagree with the rights and wrongs of domain speculation, it has become a multi-billion dollar marketplace.  Most of these domains are reregistered less than 1 second after they expire because of the generic value of the domain, the personal value, or the traffic value.

A company that we recently consulted accidentally let their domain expire and are looking at paying $1300 minimum to buy the domain from the cyber squatter or to pursue a domain dispute. So, if you think that people won't have any interest in your domain, and you'll just wait and register it yourself, you could be wrong. Cyber squatters will register the domain within a second of it expiring just to turn around and sell it to you.  99% of the time, we can grab the domain first.


If I own the trademark, can't I just sue the speculator to obtain the domain?  Not if your trademark contains generic words.  Generic word trademarks can only be trademarked for use in a non-generic, specific way.  For example, a company owns the trademark for FIRST LINE THERAPY for its use in educational material and seminars related to health and nutrition.  Our staff successfully captured and sold for approximately $2000.  We did not infringe on the company's trademark simply because we did not offer any educational material or seminars related to health and nutirition.  First Line Therapy is a generic term.  Most cybersquatters who infringe on trademarks conceal their identity or reside outside of the United States, so who will you sue?

It will cost you a minimum of $1500 to file a dispute on a domain name.  It's best to obtain the domain now, while you can, rather than wait and sue, which has no guarantee of success.

Straight Answers

If domain speculation is so easy, why don't I just start my own business?  There is a steep learning curve.  We lost thousands and thousands of dollars the first month we started speculating.  Many, many months later, we now use custom, specialized software that keeps us out of the red.  If you're interested in licensing our software, please inquire about it.


What size budget should I have to acquire a premium domain name?  The minimum recommended starting budget is $1000 US.